The epitome of multitalented, Trish has earned the right to reach for and fly with the stars. Perhaps it's the relentless depth of her passion or the intoxicating quality of her voice, but the dance-driven, electro-pop infused entertainer has an undeniable star power. Earning the coveted title as the "next big thing", her music intertwines the elements of electrifying R&B and captivating funk with an edgy hip-hop feel.

A few of TRISH's recent accomplishments:

  • Videos directed by Lil X (Don't Watch Me), Marc Andre Debruyne (Bump) and RT! (Mannequin)
  • Performance in NYC for the Sirens Assassins showcase
  • Invited to perform at the annual Honey Jam Concert this August in Toronto at MOD Club

Check out two of TRISH's songs:

Mannequin & Fast Car, featured on our GET FRESH! & Dance playlist.

Mannequin Trish
Fast Car Trish

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